task given to the atelier à propos

Twins go Electric is a double collector album, made out of the first two albums of the Jameson Bros., the 2010 Twins and the 2011 Go Electric, both covers designed by atelier à propos. In 2012, the Franco-Canadian twins once again asked the atelier to conceive the design of their new production. This design reflects the two very different ambiances of Twins, the pop-folk orientated album, and of the garage rock orientated Go Electric. The twins’ new request allows atelier à propos to work with a mythical medium, the double flap vinyl cover. Twins go electric is unique. It brings together two existing albums made out of very different ambiances and sounds. One is sensible and dreamlike, the other rough and powerful. Atelier à propos suggested to illustrate this opposition by turning the Twins' Rorshach test from a colorful illustration into a black menacing stain. The design therefore illustrates both the ambiance of the first album and the darkness of the second one, and make their musical contrast visual. Once opened, the cover reveals the Rorshach test in its entirety.
atelier-à-propos-twinsgoelectric atelier-à-propos-twinsgoelectric

33rpm record
atelier à propos for The Jameson Bros.