atelier-à-propos-twins atelier-à-propos-twins
task given to the atelier à propos

Twins is the first album of the Jameson Bros. In 2010, two Franco-Canadian twins put together ten original compositions as well as one cover song in a balanced and sensitive opus. They asked atelier à propos to design and produce their album’s cover and poster as well as to come up with the album’s title, a simple and straightforward “Twins”. The album was released in 1500 copies in two different formats: a Long Play designed as a single, and an Extended Play made of two hardback flaps and a poster. Twins is all about sensitive, timeless and universal topics such as motherly love, break-ups, memory, or introspection. Everyone can identify with each of the songs and relive his or her own personal story. Atelier à propos decided to emphasize on this characteristic as well as one the Jameson Bros. share: their twinning. This led to the use of Rorschach tests’ aesthetics, which symmetrical shapes allow anyone to see only what he wants to. The design thus reflects the essence of both the album and its performers.
atelier-à-propos-twins atelier-à-propos-twins

atelier à propos for The Jameson Bros.