atelier-à-propos-goelectric atelier-à-propos-goelectric
task given to the atelier à propos

Go electric is the second album of the Jameson Bros. In 2011, the twin brothers decided to record live a garage rock album, with the help of Sir Alexander as the drummer. The result is an intense and powerful production, in sharp opposition with Twins, their first album which was released one year earlier. The set of four songs includes three original compositions and one powerful cover of David Bowie’s English version of Jacques Brel’s hit the Port of Amsterdam. ​Recorded on 33 rpm viny​l, its' large cover became the creative field​ ​of atelier​ à propos.​ Go electric musical universe is so different from the French and English pop-folk ballads recorded on the Twins album that atelier à propos had to completely reinvent the Jameson Bros’ visual identity. The only consistent element would be the twinning. Atelier à propos suggested the name Go electric for this second 100%- electric album and embodied both the DNA chain and the indissoluble link between the Jameson twins by interlacing two spiral-shaped jacks. The image best representing the DNA chain was preferred to more figurative visuals such as the ear or the treble clef.

33rpm record
atelier à propos for The Jameson Bros.