atelier-à-propos-finango atelier-à-propos-finango
task given to the atelier à propos

Finango is a crowdfunding platform which allows individuals and companies to invest in start-ups or SMEs. In 2014 Finango launched its online platform and commissioned atelier à propos to fully redesign its visual identity. In addition to reviewing the logo, atelier à propos came up with a comprehensive corporate identity, designed a full set of icons, Finango's printed material, as well as an editorial concept targeting both the investors and the beneficiary companies. Finango allows individuals and companies to fund projects in their own region, thus creating a local economic dynamic. Atelier à propos based its work on this notion of the virtuous circle to design Finango’s new logo: four self-reinforcing arrows. The two complementary colours that are deep blue and orange illustrate the reciprocity between investors and investees. The Raleway of Matt McInerney coupled with Adobe’s Garamond give to Finango the image of a serious and contemporary company.
atelier-à-propos-finango atelier-à-propos-finango atelier-à-propos-finango

visual identity, printed material, communication media & editorial concept
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atelier à propos for Finango