task given to the atelier à propos

Ex Libris comes from the Latin expression “ex libris meis” and is a bibliophilic term referring to the personal engraving a collector glues to each and everyone of his books. Michiel van Kernebeek, a Dutch scholar in possession of numerous books, commissioned atelier à propos to design his Ex Libris in 2013. He chose for it a quote from the Dutch writer Joost ven den Vondel: Krom gebukt nooit krom which can be translated in English into “leans (over his books) but never bows (before anyone)”. Ex Libris answers the need of Mr Van Kernebeek to label each of the books he owns or will acquire. To make this an easy task, atelier à propos designed a rubber stamp with delicate lines. Based on the Didot, a French typography from the 18th century, atelier a propos’ desig​n illustrates the collector’s rigour as well as the care for his books. By slightly changing its endings, it emphasizes the reader’s flexibility and ability to process what he reads yet without losing his intellectual integrity. Lean without however bowing.
atelier-à-propos-ex-libris atelier-à-propos-ex-libris

typographic composition & rubber stamp
atelier à propos for Michiel van Kernebeek