atelier-à-propos-B&O atelier-à-propos-B&O
task given to the atelier à propos

Bornes & Obstacles, better known by the acronym B&O, is a company which designs, installs and maintains urban equipment. For its 10th anniversary, B&O commissioned atelier à propos to fully rethink its visual identity by designing a new logo as well as new on- and offline communication media. Atelier a propos renewed B&O’s overall visual identity and consistently adapted it, and thus displayed the company’s core values of professionalism, reactivity and adaptability. Bornes & Obstacles differentiates itself within the industry by the quality of the products and services it offers. Atelier à propos illustrated the design of B&O’s products by using simple and intuitive ergonomics allowing a quick access to information. The products are well presented thanks to large homogeneous images. The user can visualize the products in a real-life setting thanks to several Google Street View links, and download technical specification sheets as well as installation instructions.
atelier-à-propos-B&O atelier-à-propos-B&O atelier-à-propos-B&O

visual identity, technical documentation, products imagery,
editorial concept & website
atelier à propos for B&O